I build Robots. And you?

1.- Un robot no debe dañar a un ser humano o, por su inacción,

dejar que un ser humano sufra daño.


2.- Un robot debe obedecer las órdenes que le son dadas por un

ser humano, excepto si estas órdenes entran en conflicto con

la Primera Ley.


3.- Un robot debe proteger su propia existencia, hasta donde esta

protección no entre en conflicto con la Primera o la Segunda Ley.

Leyes de la Robótica, por Isaac Asimov


RoboticArena 2018

Robotics Student Interest Group “KoNaR” at the Faculty of Electronics, Wroclaw University of Technology »

ul. Zygmunta Janiszewskiego 11/18
50-372 Wrocław, Poland.

e-mail: konar@ict.pwr.wroc.pl
www: konar.pwr.wroc.pl


  .- Sparkfun Electronics

.- Innovati, Inc.


Cybertech 2018


Our national contest and subject for Universidad Politécnica students. As a subject, you will learn how to build your own robot and you will learn about control and electronics. As a contest, you will duel your partners to demonstrate you are the best robot builder. »


A robotic competition open to groups of students from universities all around the World, in which a bullfighter robot has to deal in the arena against a bull robot provided by the organization. The bullfighter robot must show its bullfighting skills making use of a red "capote" (cape). The robot that stays more time in the arena without being injured and makes a better bullfight will win. »

phone: (+34) 91-336-30-61
e-mail: rgalan@etsii.upm.es
www: www.disam.upm.es/~cybertech/Nacional/index.html


Robogames 2018

RoboGames invites the best minds from around the world to compete in over 70 different events. Combat robots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and even androids that do kung-fu. Some robots are autonomous, some are remote controlled - but they're all cool! As an open event, anyone can compete - this means you. »

e-mail: simone@robotics-society.org
www: www.robogames.net


WE NEED YOU! *** Thanks a bunch!


Latest Articles

March, 2010

Magneto-Rheological (MR) actuators I

These are very useful types of actuators. It is a great technology and is very popular in many different fields of robotic applications. »

 www: www.lord.com

January, 2011

Magneto-Rheological (MR) actuators II

Magneto-Rhelogical Dampers in the next generation of luxurious vehicles.

Learning this technology, now, with Porsche 911 GT3... »

www: www.porsche.com

August, 2011


The Field Robot Event  is an annual and international open-air field robot contest, where students and professionals compete in a hands-on learning agricultural field domain.

The Future of precision agriculture and horticulture... »

www: www.fieldrobot.dk

September-December, 2011

FIRST Robotic Competition

Starting the motivation... »

www.dabot.org                                                 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the 1st FRC Spanish Team! Team Number 4278 » DABOT Technology Team



HOUSTON, There We go!

by DABOT Technology Team.

Event: Lone Star Regional

When?: Apr 05-07, 2012

Where?: Houston, TX USA.

Our friend teams:

 FRC Team # 2612 --------  www.corsairs2612.org --- Contact: Mrs. Jaime Lyn Moy -  GO!

FRC Team # 3337 --------  www.panthrobotics.org ---- Contact: Mrs. Amanda Salom

FRC Team # 103 -------------- www.cybersonics.org ---- Contact: Mrs. Catherine Beck

FRC Team # 1429 -- www.teamkaosrobotics.com ---- Contact: Mr. Paul W. Johnson

We wish a good luck to all!



www: www.usfirst.org

October, 2011


Medialab-Prado is a program of the Department of Arts of the City Council of Madrid, aimed at the production, research, and dissemination of digital culture and of the area where art, science, technology, and society intersect... »

www: www.medialab-prado.es

November, 2011

High Speed Spanish Trains

Introduction of the new High Speed Spanish Trains in the Central Asia.

Talgo vs. High Speed Chinese Trains. ALL THINGS IN TIME!» Near future: Robotics for the Trains...

www: www.talgo.com

January, 2012

Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles

R-GatorTM. An introduction to the new Autonomous Robotics of John Deere.

www: www.deere.com

March, 2012

DC / DC Switching Regulator - Boost (Step-Up) Converter

The TPS61030EVM-029 is an evaluation tool for the TPS61030 inductive step-up converter in QFN-16 package which can supply voltages up to 5.5V from a 1.8-V to 5.5-V input. The TPS61030EVM-029 uses a TPS61030 adjustable output step-up converter and the appropriate external components to provide a fixed 5-V output voltage. By replacing the feedback components other voltages can be generated. The EVM can also be used to evaluate other options of the TPS6103x family. Please follow the instructions in the User's Guide of the EVM.

www: www.ti.com

April, 2012

Robotics for the Yachts.

HulltimoTM. Automated Hull Cleaning. An innovative new solution for in-water boat maintenance. Cutting-edge Technology  provides fast and easy boat cleaning.

www: www.hulltimo.com

May, 2012

Environment-friendly Yachts.

Wally Hermés YachtsTM. A new lifestyle of living on the sea.  Maximum space, durability, awesome design and... A lot of Solar Energy! (approx. 900 square meters) which covers part of what is needed to subsist the boat. Also, another different sources of energy are controlled by a central computer.

www: www.why-yachts.com

October, 2012

Practical Circuits.

Relay Board. ( Recommendation: Connect a rectifier diode [example 1N4007], for protection. Just do it! ).                   PS: Diode in parallel with relay, with its Cathode (to schematic pin 1) and its Anode (to schematic pin16).

July - August, 2013

Robot Operating System (ROS) Summer School 2013.

2nd ROS Training and Competition at FH Aachen, organized by MASCOR (Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cognitive Robotics).» [Ubuntu and Python/C++ are recommended].

www: www.ros.org - www: www.fh-aachen.de

March, 2014

The Morse Alphabet.

The Morse Code consists of groups of dots and dashes. Each group represents a letter or a number.                     (You can communicate utilizing the Morse Code:                  by Flashing a light, by Sound or by using a Flag).               The dots should be made as short as possible, and the dashes should be 3 times as long as the dots.                        [ Morse Alphabet ]

January, 2015

Future´s Trains.

The future is here! MAGLEV (Magnetic Levitation) TRAINS. Control Systems and Robotics for Trains. Wow! Awesome! Chinese and Japanese Trains.

External Resources

March, 2010

I build Robots. And you?

I finally decided that my youtube page was not enough and that I needed a web site to show my robots, comments and my ideas, etc. »

www: www.youtube.com/user/josemonteros

March, 2010

Preparing a Line Follower Robot

My friend is preparing a tutorial for building a high speed line follower robot. The tutorial is meant to eliminate the need for hours of intensive studying. »

www: www.jmnlab.com - www: www.webdelcire.com

May - July, 2010

Designing a PIC18F4550 Development Board

I decided that it was the moment to design a PIC Development Board, with USB and RS232 interfaces, screw-terminals in ALL pinout of the microcontroller, helping to make infinite tests with sensors and actuators, garanting 100% the access to the microcontroller (PIC18F4550). » Case Thumb    Figure: PIC18F4550 Board.

August - September, 2010

Preparing the Merchandising

Getting Started with T-Shirts, posters, stickers, etc. »     Figure: Standard T-Shirt.

January, 2011

Computer Science

A very nice webpage of my friend. Computer Science and more. Don´t waste more time. Enjoy with his projects! »

www: www.sistemasorp.es

April, 2011

CYBERTECH 2011. 1st Prize. CAPOTE line follower robot

April 27-29, 2011 Madrid (Spain).                                           A robotic competition for students of Polytechnic University at Madrid. Come on!. Demonstrate you are the best robot builder. I did it! ( -- -- !! ) » Figures: CAPOTE  line follower robot.

July, 2011

Designing a new PIC18F2550 Development Board

I designed a new PIC Board. It includes USB and TTL232 interfaces, ALL pinout of the microcontroller is available (LIKE ALWAYS!) helping to make infinite tests, wiring sensors and actuators, garanting 100% the access to the microcontroller (PIC18LF2550). Enjoy it!. » Case Thumb Case Thumb Case Thumb Figures: PIC18F2550 Board.  [ bill of materials ]

Figures: LCD 4x20 - PIC18F2550 Board » Example Project.

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February, 2012

Improved Circuit for the replacement of the original circuit backlight of a bicycle

Thanks to Mr. Giorgos Lazaridis, I found online this curious circuit. I modified it, a little bit, designing it for the replacement of a backlight original circuit (www.infini.tw) (model INFINI APOLLO / I-409 ) for a bicycle.              Thanks for share!. »           Figure: Backlight original circuit of a bicycle.

www: www.pcbheaven.com

March, 2012

EasyUSB! Do you want to have, in your embedded system, the possibility of read and write files of a computer in a fast and easy way?

The EasyUSB gives your microcontroller access to 2MB that can be seen as a pendrive in the most operating systems. Now your microcontroller can Read and Write files in a FAT16 file system. (file system that your computer can easily understand). It is really Easy! It opens a lot of opportunities on Robotics.  

Now, I think that: " A microcontroller can READ and WRITE very easily in a specific pendrive! "  Thanks Daniel Brondani! »

       Figure: Prototype using EasyUSB.

www: www.brondani.com

April, 2012

Torque Conversion and Equivalents

When you design a robot, it is really important to know the characteristics of your motors. Nowadays, I am working with the Stepper Motor SANYO DENKI 103H546-0440. But if you are building a line follower robot, be really carefull with this parameters. It is very difficult to find a DC Gearmotor with a good torque, good velocity, encoder and not extremely expensive. Think about it. You will remember me...

Figure: Sanyo Denki 103H546-0440 [ Torque Table ]

August, 2013

Wireless Comparative

Sparkfun Wireless Comparative [ Wireless Table ]

October, 2013

Radiofrequencies for RC Models

Frequencies - Channels - Band's Colors [ Chrystals ]

February, 2014

Line Follower Robot Schematic and more!

Mobot Race - Carnegie Mellon University

www: www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/usr/copetas/www/public/mobot/kit.shtml

February, 2015

Another mechanism

Not all is electronics, computer science, etc. » Enjoy babies!  Case ThumbCase Thumb Figures: Robot TITAN Rubber


January, 2016

Happy Birthday! Robot

Code by (CCS) + PIC18F2550  Board. » Happy Birthday! Song  Case Thumb  Figure: Happy Birthday! Robot

November, 2016

RoverBot LEGO Mindstorm Robotics

» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z0HoQNORR8      Figure: Roverbot LEGO

February, 2017

Autonomous Robotic Railway Track Inspection Vehicle

» http://www.friselladesign.com/robotic-railway-inspector.html


Figure: Automated Railway Iinspection Robot

March, 2017

Push Pull Robot working for Railway Industries.

» http://www.a-vt.be/en/railway.aspx



Figures: Pushing the boogie --  Pulling the boogie

January, 2018

Cleaning Robots for Subway Stations, from my friends in Poland!

» http://www.roboticsinventions.com/productsB2BAuto.jsp


Figure: Cleaning Robots for Subway Stations.

Workshops - Conferences - Awards

Case Thumb

EAROBOT - robot
My first robot. Showed in Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED - Madrid (Spain). 

Case Thumb

VINTAGE - robot
Award: Best Design, 2009 Year. ETSII, UPM - Madrid (Spain).

Case Thumb

CAPOTE - robot
Award: Best Design, 2011 Year. ETSII, UPM - Madrid (Spain).

. . .


Robotic Competition.

ETSII, UPM - Madrid (Spain).


www: www.disam.upm.es/~cybertech

. . .

Case Thumb


Conference - Workshop on Robotics.

April 12-18, 2010 Madrid (Spain).

. . .

Case Thumb

Week of the Culture 2010.

Visiting a school: Teeneagers + Robots.

April 20-26, 2010 Madrid (Spain).

. . .

Case Thumb

Science Week 2010 in Madrid. X Edition.

Workshop on Robotics: Conference + Computer Science + Show.

November 18, 2010 Madrid (Spain).

. . .

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