My Résumé.

José Magro Espinosa de los Monteros

Bsc on Telecommunication Engineering




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  Experience in Innovative Program Development and Handling of High Speed Trains.


  Ability to demonstrate leadership skills and motivate people towards research goals by means through effective and organizing and resourcefulness.


  Skilled and passionate about educating and motivating others.


  Experienced Teacher, capable of effectively interacting with people of various ages, religious and cultural backgrounds.





  Salesian Secondary School Santo Domingo Savio. Madrid. Spain.

  Received accelerated Vocational Training and Education (Industrial Electronics).


  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Madrid, Spain, 2012.

  Bsc on Telecommunication Engineering (Electronic Systems). Internship with Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).


  OISE Boston. Boston (Massachusetts), 2008 Summer.

  English as a second language emersion program.


   Field Robot 2011. University of Southern Denmark. Odense. (Denmark), 2011 Summer.

   Design and development of Field Robotics Vehicles for Plant Nursing.



· English: High level in wrote understanding and really nice level in conversation.

· Chinese: Actually, I am a new student.


  Educational Goals:  Completion of a Masters and PhD with a concentration on Robotics, Automation,  and Mechatronics.





  Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Madrid, Spain, Nov. 2008 - 2012.

   ● Unpaid internship, collaborating in the final project of my Bachelor.


  Metro de Madrid, S.A. Madrid, Spain, May 2004 - present.

  Function as driver, responsible of all kind of vehicles of the subway.


  Activity Organizer, Campus Party Event, Valencia, Spain, 2006 Summer.

  Organized Activities for development of Robotic competitions.


  Familiar work as well as Work in collaboration with people of small villages in the field of Agriculture. Guadalajara, Spain, from 1990 - present.

  Knowledge and Implementation of specialized agricultural techniques.


  Intern with ROBERT BOSCH S.A. Madrid, Spain, 1998 - 1999.

  Automotive Electronics.





  Driver of Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Trains.


  Award: The Best Design, 2009 Year. Cybertech Event. Sponsorized by DISAM-UPM.  Madrid, Spain. Or .


  Award: The Best Design, 2011 Year. Cybertech Event. Sponsorized by DISAM-UPM.  Madrid, Spain. Or .


  Youtube´s Channel:

  Web Page:


  Past projects: line follower robots, minisumo robots, line-maze robots, R/C robots (VEX, Futaba, Hitec, etc.)

  Current projects: robots with imaging sensors (TAOS, CMUCAM, etc.), advanced natcar competition, development of novel segway platform, competitions/workshops/teach,   PC/104 embedded computers, biped robots, series elastic actuators (yobotics).


  Personal Facts, Interests and Accomplishments:
  Competitor in Robotic Events around the World.

  Lover of animals and babies!

  Teaching Robotics.

  Dog Breeding.

  Dedicated to the Practice and Implementation of Catholic Faith.

  Being a dedicated member of a large close knit family.





  Microsoft Office XP, Prezi, etc.

  CAD/CAM (Rhino 5 3D)

  Matlab / Simulink.


  Programmation in C/C# language, HTML, Python, etc.

  OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux Mandriva, Ubuntu Linux and ROS.

  Software of PC/104 Embedded Computers.

  Peripherical Elements, HW, SW.





  Take part in Robotic Events around the world.

  Development of electronic systems with Magneto-Rheological (MR) actuators and PC/104 embedded computers.

  Labview, I2C & 1-Wire Protocols, Graphics LCD, RADIO FREQ., Infrared & Ultrasonic Modules, Magnetic Compass, GPS, Voice Sintethyzer, USB.

  HOKUYO Laser Range Scanners.

  PLC's (ControlLogix Allen-Bradley, SIEMENS, etc.).

  Pick & Place Technology.

  Design of halogen lamps for domotic and user-friendly systems.

  Magneto-Rheological Actuators.

  Ultrasonic Systems, Infrared Sensors, Nitinol Wires, etc.

  Design, Build and Test robotic systems (PCB, Wire-wrapping, Proto-board).

  I show my RoBoTs in Meetings/Conferences.

  Hardware of PC/104 Embedded Computers.

  Series Elastic Actuators (yobotics).

  Control of Systems.

  ROV´s, UAV´s, AUV´s, AGV´s, etc.